With just 42 cases, how Taiwan stopped coronavirus in its tracks

New Delhi (NVI): Taiwan has recorded far fewer locally transmitted cases of coronavirus than in many other developed countries, according to a report by Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India.

With just 42 cases reported, the country has established a comprehensive national disease prevention mechanism for combating COVID-19, as per the report.

Amid the outbreak of coronavirus from December last year, many countries are taking up preventive measures to contain the virus.

The mechanism includes digitized disease monitoring systems, stringent border quarantine measures and extensive community-based countermeasures. It also provides advanced medical preparedness, abundant stock of preventive medical appliances and resources.

Even though Thailand and Taiwan were projected to have the highest risk of imported COVID-19, Taiwan has recorded far fewer locally transmitted cases then in many other developed countries, testifying to its effective disease prevention efforts.

Compared with disease outbreaks around the globe, outbreaks of communicable diseases in Taiwan have remained relatively low. In the past 60 years and more also, Taiwan has overcome outbreaks of cholera, malaria, smallpox, tuberculosis, and other communicable diseases, accumulating considerable experience and establishing an extensive disease prevention mechanism. Preventive measures at each working level were further fine-tuned after the SARS outbreak in 2003.

As soon after COVID-19 outbreak started toward the end of December 2019, Taiwan’s government implemented the policies designed to intercept and block the transmission of diseases from outside of Taiwan’s borders by early January 2020.