137 killed in brutal attack by armed men in Niger

at 1:30 pm
File photo

New Delhi (NVI): At least 137 people were killed in a horrific attack by armed men who raided villages in southwestern Niger near the border with Mali, according to reports in foreign media.

The attackers, who came on motorbikes, raided the Intazayene, Bakorat and Wistane villages on Sunday, as per the reports.

According to the Niger government, the attackers killed 137 while several were left injured. Around 58 people were killed as per initial reports.

Ranked as the poorest country in the world, Niger has been witnessing armed campaigns that have been going parallelly in Mali and Nigeria as well. These attacks have left several people dead and replaced.

Meanwhile, the attacks in Niger are posing a serious challenge before the newly elected president of the country Mohamad Bazoum who was elected as the President last month and was confirmed by Niger’s apex court on Sunday.

Bazoum expressed grief over the loss of lives on Twitter on Monday.

The latest incident also comes after 66 people were killed in a brutal attack earlier this month in on a bus carrying shoppers from the market town of Banibangou in southwestern Niger.