164 Young Soldiers join Ladakh Scouts Regiment

at 1:02 pm
Young soldiers joined the Ladakh Scouts Regiment at the Ladakh Scouts Regimental Centre in Leh on November 2.

Srinagar(NVI) As many as 164 Young Soldiers joined the  Ladakh Scouts Regiment at a spectacular attestation parade held at the Ladakh Scouts Regimental Centre, Leh on November 2.

The young soldiers, hailing from all regions of Ladakh, took oath in unison to serve the nation.

On the occasion, Reviewing Officer, Major General Sanjiv Rai, GOC ‘Trishul Division’ congratulated them for the impressive parade and urged them to devote their life in service to the nation as proud soldiers of the Indian Army, an official statement said.

He also complimented the parents of the new recruits on having motivated their wards to join the Regiment. He exhorted them to continue to strive hard in pursuit of excellence in all spheres and take a solemn vow to uphold the sovereignty of the nation against all odds in true spirit of the Indian Army.

Young riflemen who did exceedingly well during the training were awarded medals for their outstanding performance.

Gaurav Padaks were also presented to the parents whose wards joined the Regiment as Young soldiers.

The Ladakh Scouts is an infantry regiment of the Indian Army. Also specialised in mountain warfare, the regiment’s primary role is to guard country’s borders in the high altitude areas of the Ladakh  and also Jammu & Kashmir.