18+ to get Covid precaution doses from April 10

at 4:54 pm
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New Delhi: Precaution doses of Covid-19 vaccines will be made available to the population above 18 age group at the private vaccination centres from April 10, the Union Health Ministry said today.

All those who are more than 18 years of age and have completed 9 months after the administration of second dose, would be eligible for Precaution Dose, the ministry said.

This facility would be available in all Private Vaccination Centres.

So far, about 96% of all 15+ population in the country have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose while about 83% of 15+ population has received both the doses, the ministry said in a statement.

More than 2.4 crore precaution doses have also been administered to healthcare workers, frontline workers and 60+ population groups. 45% of 12 to 14 years age group have also received the first dose, it added.

The ongoing free vaccination programme through Government Vaccination Centres for the first and second dose to the eligible population as well as precaution dose to healthcare workers, frontline workers and the 60+ population would continue and would be accelerated, the statement read.