97 pc of Monsoon rainfall expected in August, says IMD

New Delhi (NVI): India is likely to receive 97 per cent of Monsoon rainfall in the month of August beginning tomorrow, according to the India Meteorological Department.

In August, the rainfall is likely to be 97% of the Long Period Average (LPA), IMD said in its Long Range Forecast report for the rainfall during second half (August-September) of the 2020 Southwest Monsoon.

Quantitatively, the rainfall over the country as a whole during the second half of the season is likely to be 104% of LPA with a model error of ±8%., the IMD said.

The probabilistic forecast suggests the rainfall over the country as a whole during second half of southwest monsoon season (August to September) most likely to be normal (94-106% of LPA).

However, the probability of above normal rainfall (>106% of LPA) is also higher than the corresponding climatological probability, IMD added.

The Southwest Monsoon began in June and will last till September.