Another Hindu girl abducted, forcibly converted in Pakistan

Images tweeted by Pak activist Rahat Austin

New Delhi (NVI): As Pakistan protests against France over French President Emmanuel Macron’s criticism of radical Islamist ideology, the Muslim majority country has failed to protect its minorities, especially innocent Hindu girls who are being forcibly kidnapped and converted.

A Hindu girl Sonia was abducted by armed men a few days ago and was brought in Barjhudndi Sharif, KandhKot, in Sindh province of Pakistan for conversion to Islam, according to Pakistan based Human Rights activist Rahat Austin.

In a tweet, Austin shared the pictures of the girl while stating that her parents are so poor that they cannot even fight a case to bring her back.

“A Hindu girl Sonia was abducted by armed men few days ago. Today she brought in Barjhudndi Sharif, KandhKot, Sindh Pakistan for conversion to Islam. Her family is so poor to persue their child. Now I understand why Hindus used to buried their daughters alive during Islamic reign,” the activist tweeted.

The plight of minority and non-Mulsim girls remain unchanged in Pakistan as they are forcibly kidnapped, converted and then raped by persons who are much older than them.

In another such instance, a video recording of a 13-year-old Christian girl Arzoo Raza alias Arzoo Fatima, surfaced recently in which she is heard embracing Islam and marrying Ali Azhar, 44, “on her own will”. The video footage has taken many by surprise.