Army men, J&K policemen avert tragedy, save Amarnath pilgrims

at 12:50 am

Ramban (J&K) : A big tragedy was averted today when personnel of Indian Army and Jammu and Kashmir Police prevented a bus carrying 40 Amarnath pilgrims from falling into a river after its brakes failed.

However, 10 passengers, including a child, were injured as they jumped off the moving bus in panic.

The incident happened in the mountainous area of Ramban on Jammu-Srinagar National Highway when a bus travelling from Amarnath in South Kashmir to Hoshiarpur in Punjab lost control due to brake failure, officials said.

As the bus seemed to be directionless and headed towards a river down the slope, some passengers panicked and jumped out of the moving bus, thus injuring themselves.

The injured persons included 6 men, 3 women and 1 child, the officials said.

Personnel of the Indian Army and J&K Police noticed that the bus was in distress and they acted swiftly and managed to stop the bus.

Had the bus fallen into a river, it could have resulted in casualties.

The Army Quick Reaction Teams along with Ambulance reacted instantly and provided medical assistance and first aid to all the injured persons at their local medical facility at Nachalana in District Ramban. (NVI)