As Fashion Shows turn into serious Business Activity, many Careers too have sprung up

at 2:47 pm
Dwijendra Kumar

Dances and eye-popping catwalks are on their way out as serious and professional choreography is taking over with Indian fashion designers eyeing immediate profits.

No wonder then, Fashion Shows have emerged as serious business activity and a number of  related careers have sprung up.

According to  Ajay Bisht, Assistant Director, Fashion Styling and Communication, Karnavati University, near Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Fashion shows are basically unveiling your brand to the people.

According to Ajay Bisht, earlier fashion shows were held to promote specifically hi- fashion products or latest designer creations by established designers or big clothing brands. So it used to be held at a small scale for limited people basically prospective buyers.

“But now that big fashion houses and premium clothing manufacturing companies have come into retailing and also opening their shops in shopping malls etc selling products at relatively affordable prices bringing in competition, fashion shows have become wholly a serious commercial activity, ” he says.

Fashion Stylist further adds that such shows are organised as a pre -publicity exercise to announce immediate arrival of new designs and styles to attract buyers.

Fashion designers and big brands are holding Fashion shows each season and the same are publicised and webcast on social media platforms also.

No wonder then, a host of careers too have emerged alongside such as;

1)Fashion Show Choreography

2)Fashion Photography

3)Fashion Styling


5)Fashion Show Compering

6)Fashion Event Management

7)Fashion PR Professional, and

8)Fashion Makeup.

Pics Courtesies :Heuer Watch Launch Tapur Chaterjee wearing Dior and Anjalee Arjun Kapoor Fashion Show

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