Baloch National Movement holds protest rally in South Korea on 73rd occupation day

at 5:37 pm
Occupation Day

New Delhi (NVI): The Baloch National Movement today carried out a protest rally at Nampo Dong Biff Square in Busan, South Korea, to mark the 73rd Occupation Day.

The BNM will also organize a protest rally and demonstration today at the Dam Square Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This day is considered a Black Day all over Balochistan.

The month of March is significant in Baloch history. On March 27, 1948, Pakistan occupied the Baloch land and subjugated the Baloch nation.

In the last 73 years, thousands of Baloch civilians have disappeared at the hands of Pakistani security forces.

Ghulam Muhammad Balock, the chairman of Baloch National Movement (BNM), for the first time, conveyed the historical significance of this day to the people in every city, town and village of Balochistan through a brochure of BNM in 2005.

Baloch Student Organization took to Twitter to reiterate the importance of independence of Balochistan and wrote, “On 27 March 1948, Pakistan has forcefully annexed and colonized the sovereign state of Balochistan and since then it’s been involved in every form of war-crimes in Balochistan, But Baloch have chosen the path of Resistance and will continue it till the regain of her independence.”