Balochistan: BLA fighters eliminate head of Pak-backed ‘death squad’ in Turbat

at 11:00 pm

New Delhi (NVI): Baloch Liberation Army fighters last night targeted and killed Mullah Uzair, who headed a “death squad” formed at the behest of Pakistani forces, in Sheh Kahn area of Turbat in Balochistan, BLA said in a statement today.

“Mullah Uzair and his group have been involved in raiding houses of Baloch civilians along with Pakistani military. He was also involved in abduction and killing of several Baloch activists. In the recent military operations of February 2021 he directly abetted Pakistani military in Shorma and adjacent mountains of Nasir Abad,” BLA spokesman Jeeyand Baloch said in a statement.

The BLA spokesman, in the statement, has also warned the public to refrain from visiting the remote mountainous areas of Shorma in Nasir Abad. “They should limit their visits to picnic spots only as Pakistani spies have been visiting the areas in disguise. Therefore, to avoid any mishap the public should not venture into the remote areas,” he said.

“BLA continues to target all elements involved in activities against Baloch activists and civilians,” the statement added.