Balochistan: BLA targets coal mines, Pak paramilitary forces in Quetta

at 10:28 pm
Representative pic of Balochistan

New Delhi (NVI): Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) today said that it has attacked coal mines in Zarghoon area of Quetta in Balochistan and personnel from Pakistani paramilitary force- Levies, guarding these mines, in its latest counter offensive against an oppressive Pakistani regime.

In a statement issued today, BLA spokesman Jeeyand Baloch said that the Levies personnel fled from their base and that BLA fighters “confiscated” their weapons and equipment, after the attack.

BLA rebels also torched the machinery of coal mines that have been helping Pakistani occupying forces in massive plundering of resources in the region and targeting innocent civilians.

“The freedom fighters of Baloch Liberation Army targeted coal mines in Zarghoon Quetta, and the Pakistani paramilitary force Levies personnel guarding these mines. As a result of the attack, the Levies personnel fled and abandoned their base. BLA fighters confiscated the weapons and equipment from the Levies force and also torched the machinery of coal mines,” BLA spokesman said.

He added that BLA had also targeted coal mines in Khost and Talib Lease area in Balochistan on March 26.

In its statement, BLA has warned the coal mine contractors to refrain from aiding the Pakistani occupying forces. “In last few days, the trucks belonging to coal companies were provided to Pakistani military, which they used to transport troops and carry out military operations. The Pakistani military had direct support of coal mine contractors to carry out military operations against Baloch civilian areas,” read the statement.

“Any coal mine contractor that is hand in gloves with the enemy forces will be brought to justice. We warn them to stop their coal mine operations immediately, or they will be responsible for their losses,” it added.

The Levies force, despite several warnings, is trying to create hurdles in front of Baloch freedom fighters, it said. “Therefore, they were targeted and if they fail to shun their activities they will be severely targeted again,” BLA spokesman Jeeyand Baloch said in the statement.