BLA kills 25 Pakistani soldiers, says it has capability to target ‘enemy force’ anywhere

at 2:11 pm
BLA displaying weapons seized after attack on Pakistan Army camp on May 31

New Delhi : After inflicting heavy casualties on the Pakistani military in Balochistan in a major strike, Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has said the successful attacks by the group has made it clear that it is capable of targeting the “enemy force” of Pakistan at any place.

BLA, which is fighting for liberation of Balochistan from Pakistan, warned the “occupying Pakistan and its partners in crime that they will not be able to continue occupying Baloch motherland and plunder its resources.”

The warning came as the BLA announced that its freedom fighters “attacked a camp of Pakistani military in Marwaar Bolan on May 31, killing 24 “enemy personnel” on the spot during a three-hour-long operation.

“A Lance Naik, identified as Bilal, resident of Dera Ismaeel Khan, was arrested. He was later awarded capital punishment by a Baloch national court,” said BLA spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch in a statement.

Three BLA members were also martyred during the gunfight, he said.

In this attack, the “Awais” camp belonging to Pakistani military was completely obliterated, the spokesman said.

“Following an organised military plan, the Baloch freedom fighters besieged the camp from different directions. After cutting through the barbed wires, the BLA fighters charged into the camp and a battle ensued that lasted for more than three hours,” the spokesperson said.

“The brave Baloch fighters fully captured the camp, neutralising 24 enemy personnel and confiscating a large cache of arms and ammunition. An enemy personnel was also arrested during the operation, who was later given capital punishment under charges of being accessory to attacking Baloch motherland,” he added.

He said, “The defeated and demoralised enemy, once again resorting to lies and deceit, is undermining its losses by publishing diminished figures.”

Earlier, on June 1, BLA released a short statement regarding the incident confirming death of 12 enemy personnel. “That statement was based on preliminary information and it has now been established that the total number of killed personnel is in fact 25,” the spokesman said.

“The successful attacks by BLA have made it clear that we are capable of executing any successful attack at any place of our choice and defeating the enemy force,” the spokesman said.