BLA says it targeted personnel of company involved in CPEC project

at 8:06 pm

New Delhi (NVI): The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), which is fighting for independence of Balochistan from Pakistan, today said it had targeted personnel of a company involved in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, injuring six people, including two Army men.

The BLA warned all companies involved in the project to give up “such exploitative” work, “through which the occupying Pakistan and its partners are exploiting the Baloch national resources.”

In a statement issued by BLA spokesman Jayend Baloch, the personnel of the company were targeted in Kathan area of Khuzdar where they were working on a road project connecting Wingo to Khuzdar.

Two members of the “occupying (Pakistan) army” and four members of the “exploitative company” were injured in the attack, he said.

The BLA also claimed responsibility for the grenade attacks in Quetta and Kalat over the last few days, saying the outfit had targeted the premises being used by Pakistani intelligence operatives.

On February 23, BLA operatives hurled a grenade at a shop on Golimar Chowk in Quetta, the spokesman said.

The shop “was run by Pakistani intelligence operatives, who were working to provide shelter to other agents, including informants,” the statement said.

A civilian was also injured in the attack, the spokesman said, adding that the public should stay away from the “occupying forces and their local agents for their own safety”.

“On February 20, BLA operatives targeted Naseebullah Zehri, a Pakistani military intelligence operative (MI), in a grenade attack near Tolonti Giawan in Kalat, seriously injuring him,” the spokesman said.