BLA warns China against exploiting resources of Balochistan

at 8:25 pm
Representative pic of Baloch fighters

New Delhi: After targeting a convoy of Chinese engineers and causing casualties in Gwadar, Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has warned of intensified attacks against Chinese nationals and projects in Balochistan if the Communist country “continues to support Pakistani occupying state” and does not withdraw its nationals from the region.


BLA, which is fighting for independence of Balochistan from Pakistan, says China is engaged in exploiting the rich resources of the region through its projects while the locals are being deprived and left to live in acute poverty.


“Baloch Liberation Army has time and again warned China and all exploitative powers to abstain from entering into any trade deals and agreements regarding Balochistan till the liberation of Baloch motherland,” its spokesman Jeeyand Baloch said in a statement.


He said BLA considers all such agreements as null void, and treats them as exploitative steps to plunder Baloch resources.


“BLA will use absolute and strong force to stop any such activities,” Baloch said, adding the suicide attack carried out yesterday in Gwadar was “a continuity of such attacks”.


The spokesman added, “If China continues to support Pakistani occupying state, fails to stop its exploitative projects and does not withdraw its nationals from Balochistan then BLA reserves the right to further intensify its attacks against the illegally stationed Chinese nationals and Chinese projects in Balochistan,”


He said that “despite BLA’s continuous warnings China has not only failed to stop its exploitative activities but has been actively supporting and strengthening the occupying state of Pakistan to counter the Baloch war of liberation.


“Due to these offensive acts by China, BLA has targeted Chinese nationals and its economic interests in the region in past too.”


BLA’s ‘Majeed Brigade’ yesterday targeted a convoy of Chinese engineers in Balochistan’s Gwadar where China is constructing a port.


“These Chinese nationals were working on the exploitative China Pakistan Economic Corridor. At least 6 Chinese engineers and 3 security personnel were killed, whereas, several others were injured in this self-sacrificing attack,” the BLA spokesman said.


“Friday’s attack was part of Operation Zirpahazag, which was initiated by Majeed Brigade to protect Baloch coast and target the occupying Pakistani state and its regional partners that are involved in exploitation of Baloch natural resources,” he added.


“After the successfully executed operation of Majeed Brigade, the confused and defeated enemy opened fire on the children playing in a nearby football field, killing two and injuring several others.


“Later, the enemy forces cordoned off the area and collected the dead bodies of Chinese engineers. The enemy then cunningly tried to portray in the media that the children were killed due to the blast.”


The statement said the “self-sacrificing operation” was carried out by BLA Majeed Brigade’s brave member Fidayeen SirBuland Baloch, who was an educated young man and was affiliated with BLA since last four years and voluntarily joined Majeed Brigade three years ago.


“Due to his young age, he was given time to ponder upon his decision before carrying out any of Majeed Brigade’s operations. However, even after a long period of three years he staunchly stood by his decision and on Friday 20th August 2021 carried out a successful self-sacrificing operation.


“With a strong blow and inflicting heavy losses upon the occupying state and the exploitative China, he gave a clear message to the enemies that the Baloch Liberation Army has the full capability to carry out major attacks at any place of their choice. BLA salutes fidayee SirBuland Baloch on his gallantry and the ultimate sacrifice,” the spokesman said.


Earlier, BLA has carried out attacks on Chinese engineers in Dalbandeen on 11 August 2018, attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi on 23 November 2018, attack on Pearl Continental Hotel in Gwadar on 11 May 2019 and attack on Pakistan’s stock exchange on 29 June 2020 in Karachi.