Careers in a Fashion Buying House

at 3:04 pm

Pic Cortesy: SERA

Fashion Buying Houses offer clients best of products selected from various textiles and apparel manufacturers. These deal with local as well as export market depending upon where customers are from. Professionals employed in the buying houses keep scouting for latest fashion products and keep them at one place for the benefit of their customers. Punya Pushkar , an NIFT-trained fashion professional in the field provides an insight into various careers that buying houses roll out to fashion professionals in an interview with Dwijendra Kumar. Excerpts:

  1. What is the role of a Merchandiser in a buying house?

Ans. The merchandiser of a buying house acts as a bridge between the global brands and the local manufacturers. Understanding the brand’s specific needs as well the strengths of different local manufacturers hold the key to success. They are responsible for everything related to their specific products – from product development to costing and from order closures to product manufacturing, quality and delivery.

2. What attributes should a fashion merchandiser working in a Fashion Buying House possess?

Ans: Strong communication skill is the most important attribute a fashion merchandiser should have. Decision making and planning capabilities are also important.

3. How do you see growths in the fashion industry?

Ans: Clothing comes under the 3 most important requirements for life(roti, kapda Aur makan). So people will never stop buying clothes.Although many big global players have been struggling in the last few years, so I believe the industry will become more challenging in times to come but still keep on growing.

4. What are the careers available for fashion professionals in a Buying house?

Ans: There are many careers in a buying house for  fashion professionals requiring different sets of skills in fields such as Designing, Merchandising, Quality Assurance(QA) and also as a Garment Technician and Fabric Expert.

5. Does a training in Fashion Education help while on job?

Ans: Being familiar with fabrics, processes and different techniques and technologies employed in the industry certainly help when one begins career in a Fashion Buying House. If you have a professional degree, you’re expected of having knowledge of the same and hence companies also prefer such candidates.