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Careers in Media Makeup

at 5:18 pm
Ishita Rishi, Makeup Designer

By Dwijendra Kumar

New Delhi. Cosmetics Market is growing at the rate of a whopping over 15 per cent and is expected to be worth 28000 million by the year 2026. Increase in disposable income, ‘look good feel good’ syndrome and growth of Television channels and advertising industry being contributory factors. Ishita Rishi a trained Makeup Designer has a lot to share on careers in this emerging field. Excerpts:

Q1. Tell us about your views on careers in media makeup?

Ans. I think work in the make-up industry is relatively stable,with jobs predicted to grow over the next decade. But doing work in the media industry like for television & films, fashion shows etc. is not that simple; one needs a good prior experience to get a job in this fast-growing industry and with experience, one could also develop proficiency.
For instance putting makeup on the body for creating prosthetic looks, one may go into the fields such as fashion & photography or special effects.

Q 2.What is the Role of a Makeup Artist in the television & film industry?

Ans: Makeup Designers who work in the television & film industry, help to communicate the personality of all characters to the viewers. They apply makeup as a style which improve or enhance the appearance of the actors/actresses. They are the ones who make the spectators believe that what they’re seeing on the screen is real.
Let’s take an example from our daily soaps : If a character is having Big bindi & Bold makeup that means she’s playing a negative role in the serial.
So, basically makeup artists are absolutely the backbone of the television & film industry.

Q3. Role of a Makeup Artist in fashion shows?
Ans: A fashion show provides good deal of media related opportunities to contribute to your portfolio. The role of a make-up artist is crucial to translate the overall image of the fashion show. There are prior discussions between makeup artist & the fashion designer about the looks they are going to create.
For better understanding Makeup artists make a mood story according to the designer’s vision and this is how the best looks are created. The perfect models catwalk are an outcome of the work of a costume designer and the huge squad of makeup artists and stylists.

Q4. What are other Career options for Make-up Artists?

Ans: As a Makeup artist one could work in high- end salons, as wedding or event stylist, Salon Manager etc.One could also become a sales or marketing specialist in the cosmetic industry, teach in a Beauty Academy & can start up own salon too.

(Dwijendra Kumar has been writing on Fashion for last over 2 decades. For more information on Careers in Fashion Industry, he can be reached on blog