Centre makes FASTag mandatory to avail toll discounts

New Delhi (NVI): Centre has made it mandatory to allow only FASTag users to avail any discount on toll charges at highway toll plazas in a bid to promote the digital mode of payment, according to a notification issued by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways.

FASTag is a radio frequency identification sticker typically fixed to a vehicle’s windscreen that allows for the deduction of toll wirelessly and automatically without requiring a vehicle to stop at plazas.

The tags were introduced to encourage digital payments and to end congestion and reduce waiting time at toll plazas.

The ministry amended the the National Highways Fee (Determination of Rates and Collection) Rules, 2008 to allow discount for users who make the return journey within 24 hours and all other local exemptions only if the vehicle carries a valid functional FASTag.

The fee payable towards discounts will be paid through pre-paid instruments, smart card or through FASTag or on board unit (transponder) or any other such device only, according to the statement.

The amendment would also enable that in cases where there is a discount available for a return journey within 24 hours, there is no need for a prior receipt or intimation and the citizen would get the discount automatically if return journey is made within 24 hours with a valid and a functional FASTag on the vehicle, it added.