Chennai air become hazardous after Bhogi celebration

Chennai (NVI): A day after Bhogi celebrations in Chennai, the air quality index in most parts of the state reached hazardous levels, with thin layer of smog enveloping the city today.

According to Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, the air quality index which measures the concentration of poisonous particulate matter, touched a high 597 in Manali area, which falls in the “Hazardous” category.

Most of the places in the city recorded the AQI in the “moderate” category.

When the air quality is hazardous, it affects the healthy people and seriously impacts those with existing diseases.

People of Tamil Nadu celebrates Bhogi festival by lightning a bonfire on the occassion which marks the beginning of four-day Pongal festival.

Bhogi celebration is also a part of Pongal festival in which useless household items are bonfired. Pongal is a festival that marks the end of winters and the beginning of the harvest season.