Coronavirus cases rise to 1.5 million globally

New Delhi (NVI): The total number of coronavirus cases have now reached 1.5 million worldwide, with United States and United Kingdom seeing spike in deaths in a single day, according to John Hopkins University data.

In addition to this, at least 88,538 people have now died globally.

Meanwhile, China reported a slight increase in new coronavirus cases for the second straight day, as the number of infections involving incoming overseas travellers hit a two-week high, according to media reports.

The death toll in the US has also crossed 14,000, after the country recorded the most new virus deaths in a single day.

New York City recorded 806 fatalities. The city has registered more than 4,500 deaths. There are more than 4,00,000 positive cases in the country.

In Italy, the number of infected people increased by 1,195, and the death toll rose by 542.

In another development, the World Trade Organization has forecasted a fall in global trade of up to a third. The suffering caused by the pandemic will be compounded by “unavoidable declines in trade and output”, the WTO’s director general has said.