Coronavirus cases surge past 22.8 million globally

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New Delhi (NVI): More than 22.8 million people around the world have now been diagnosed with the coronavirus and more than 7,97,000 have died.

At least 14.6 million patients have been cured and recovered worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University.

In the US, nearly 5.62 million have been infected with the novel coronavirus while more than 1,75,000 people have lost their lives to the deadly contagion.

Brazil, the second most affected country from COVID-19 after the US, recorded 30,355 cases within 24-hours and surpassed 3.53 million mark. The country’s death toll stands at 1,13,358.

Moreover, the number deaths in Mexico, has risen by 504 to 59,610 in the past 24 hours and the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases had increased by 5,928 to 5,49,734 within the same period of time.

South Africa also reported 3,398 new COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours and surpassed 6,00,000 mark. The country’s death toll stands at 12,483 – make up around 47 per cent of the continent’s deaths.

In European nations, particularly in Germany, France, Spain and Italy, all saw infection levels rise to rates not seen in months, sparking fears over a second wave on the continent.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) said, the world should be able to rein in the coronavirus pandemic in less than two years, as South Korea reported the most daily infections since early March and expanded social distancing measures across the country.