Coronavirus cases surpass 102 million globally; death toll tops 2.20 mn

at 9:55 am

New Delhi (NVI): The global count of coronavirus cases has reached more than 102 million, with over 2,205,400 deaths reported, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

Over 58 million patients have been cured and recovered from the deadly contagion.

In the US, the total number of coronavirus cases have reached more than 25.9 million while the total number of COVID-19 fatalities have surpassed 4,36,600 in the country.

Brazil’s coronavirus cases has surpassed 9.1 million and stands at 9,118,513, while the country accounts for the second highest number of COVID-19 fatalities at 2,22,666.

The health ministry of Mexico on Friday reported 16,374 new cases of coronavirus and 1,434 fatalities, bringing the total in the country to 1,841,893 cases and 156,579 deaths.

Meanwhile, Canada also registered 4,759 cases of COVID-19, as the government imposed stricter rules on all incoming air travelers. The total caseload to 770,469 while 19,794 people died in the country.

France’s health authorities reported 820 new deaths on Friday. With this coronavirus death toll jumped above 75,000 and currently stands at 75,620 in the country.

Apart from this, Germany will ban most travellers from countries hardest hit by new coronavirus variants to prevent a surge in infection in the country till February 17, its government said.