COVID-19 recovery rate improves further in India, mounts to 76.28%

New Delhi (NVI): India’s coronavirus recoveries have reached nearly 26 lakh and stands at 25,83,948, pushing the recovery rate to 76.28 per cent in the country, the Union Health Ministry said.

In an official statement, the ministry said that the recovery of 25,83,948 has been made possible because of effective implementation of the policy of TESTING aggressively, TRACKING comprehensively and TREATING efficiently.

The number of recoveries is nearly 3.5 times the active cases, which comprise 21.90% of the total cases. Higher number of recoveries has led to a constantly growing difference between recoveries and active cases. Crossing 18 lakhs, the difference stands at 18, 41,925 today.

“Focus on standard of care protocol including use of non-invasive oxygen, better skilled doctors in the ICUs and hospitals, and improved ambulance services have culminated in yielding the desired results,” it added.

In the last 24 hours, with 60,177 recoveries, India’s recovery rate amongst the COVID-19 patients has crossed 76 per cent reflecting that the number of patients recovering is on a steady rise over the past several months, the ministry said.

The Union Government has adopted a graded and evolving strategic response to COVID management in India within the larger evolving global context. The early focus on surveillance and contact tracing through house-to-house survey was continuously strengthened with increase in testing for ensuring early identification of positive cases.

This has ensured prompt isolation of the confirmed positive cases either in supervised home care for the mild and moderate cases, and hospitalisation in case of those who are exhibiting critical symptoms.

In addition to this, effective treatment of the positive cases has resulted in a progressively dipping Case Fatality Rate, which is pegged at 1.82 per cent today.