Cyclone Amphan to make landfall on West Bengal coast tomorrow

New Delhi (NVI): Cyclone Amphan, an equivalent of a category 5 hurricane, is raging in Bay of Bengal and is expected to make landfall on the coast of West Bengal on Wednesday.

At least 50 lakh people are being evacuated to safer places while NDRF teams have been deployed on the ground.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has assured all possible to the Chief Ministers of West Bengal and Odisha.

“The Central government is with you,” Shah told Mamata Banerjee during a telephonic conversation and discussed the arrangements and preparedness for the approaching cyclone.

Cyclone Amphan developed into a super cyclone over the Bay of Bengal yesterday and has the potential to cause extensive damage in the coastal districts of West Bengal when it makes landfall.

An extremely severe cyclonic storm, with the wind speed of up to 195 kmph, is forecast to be the worst storm over the Bay of Bengal since the 1999 super cyclone that hit Odisha and killed about 10,000 people.

National Disaster Response Force has deployed nearly 25 teams on the ground and 12 other teams are ready in reserve.

The high wind speeds can immensely damage crops, plantations, trees, houses, communication and electricity poles.