Declining trend in Covid cases in India

at 1:03 pm
Covid-19 cases
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New Delhi: The Covid numbers in India continued to show a declining trend, with 1,569 fresh cases being registered during 24 hours yesterday, against 2,202 recorded during the same period the preceding day.

The country also registered 19 deaths during last 24 hours yesterday, down from 27 recorded during the same period a day earlier.

The total active cases of Covid stood at 16,400, with the daily positivity rate being 0.44%, the Union Health Ministry said today.

There were 2,467 recoveries in the last 24 hours, it said.

Yesterday, the country registered 2,202 new cases against 2,487 recorded during the same duration the previous day.

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On Sunday, the country reported 2,487 Covid cases and 13 fatalities registered in the preceding 24 hours.

On Saturday morning, the country reported 2,858 new Covid cases and 11 deaths recorded during the previous 24 hours.

A day prior to that, the country reported 2,841 new Coronavirus cases and nine deaths in the preceding 24 hours.

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On Thursday morning, the country reported 2,827 new Coronavirus cases and 24 deaths in 24 hours.

A day earlier, the country reported 2,897 cases and 54 deaths in 24 hours.

On Tuesday morning, the country reported 2,288 new Covid cases and 10 deaths during 24 hours.