Diesel price crosses Rs 80 in Delhi after hike for 19th day in a row

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New Delhi (NVI): Diesel prices in Delhi have now crossed Rs 80 per litre and surpassed the petrol price for the second day straight as fuel rates were hiked for the 19th consecutive day as part of daily revision by oil marketing companies (OMCs).

Petrol price rose by 16 paise a litre while diesel price was hiked by 14 paise a litre today. Petrol is currently retailing at Rs 79.92 per litre in Delhi, according to the data by Indian Oil Corporation (IOC).

Notably in other states also, the prices will rise but diesel will continue to be cheaper than petrol due to lower taxes levied by the states, though the gap between the prices will shrink further.

At present, the petrol costs Rs 86.70 a litre in Mumbai and diesel is priced at Rs 78.34 and in Chennai, a litre of petrol comes for Rs 83.18 and diesel for Rs 77.29.

Likewise in Bengaluru, petrol is priced at Rs 82.52 per litre and diesel at Rs 76.09 and in Hyderabad, petrol is priced at Rs 82.96 a litre and diesel at Rs 78.09, as per IOC data.

On June 7, state-owned oil companies restarted revising petrol and diesel prices in line with costs, after ending an 82-day break in rate revision, amid Covid-19 pandemic.

However, diesel is costlier than petrol only in the national capital wherein the state government has raised local sales tax or VAT on fuel last month. It costs less than petrol in other cities.