Drone threats to military assets in Jammu thwarted

at 12:49 pm
File Photo

Jammu: Security forces today thwarted two drone threats to military installations in Jammu, a day after the Jammu Air Base was bombed using drones.

“On midnight of 27-28 June 2021, two separate Drone activities were spotted over Ratnuchak-Kaluchak Military area by alert troops,” Army spokesman said here.

“Immediately, high alert was sounded and Quick Reaction Teams engaged them with firing. Both the Drones flew away. A major threat thwarted by the alertness and proactive approach of troops,” he added.

The spokesman said the security forces are on high alert and the search operation is in progress.

Earlier, yesterday, two bombs were dropped at Jammu Airport in the technical area, suspectedly by two drones in quick succession at around 1.30 am.

The explosions injured two IAF personnel and caused minor damage to the roof of a building.