Fact check: No offer letters issued by Prasar Bharati or PIB for job

at 6:08 pm
fake letter

New Delhi (NVI): A recruitment letter is being circulated on social media in the name of Prasar Bharati, Akashvani and PIB, which claims that the applicant has been selected for a job at the clerical post.

The offer letter were being issued by a fake organization based in Raipur which also claims to provide career opportunities in various offices under the Ministry of Information And Broadcasting.

Debunking the claims, the Fact Check Unit of the Press Information Bureau (PIB) clarified that the offer letter is fake.

In a tweet, PIB wrote, “An incident has come to light in Raipur of a fraud organisation duping applicants by recruiting them in the name of @PBNS_India, Akashvani, @PIB_India etc. The offer letters issued are Fake.”

“Do not fall for fraudsters impersonating government institutions,” it added.

Earlier, a fake notification letter, allegedly issued by Ministry of Education claiming that the under National Rural Youth Training & Employment scheme Rs 1,000 has been asked from candidates as a registration fee had gone viral.

The PIB launched this fact-checking unit in December 2020, to curb such misinformation and viral fake news related to government’s schemes and policies that are circulated on social media platforms.