Fact Check: Not all wards at AIIMS converted to COVID units

at 11:08 am

New Delhi (NVI): The government today rubbished a viral message which claimed that all the wards of the AIIMS in Delhi have been converted into COVID care units.

The Fact Check Unit of Press Information Bureau (PIB), under Information and Broadcasting Ministry, said the claim is fake and incorrect.

A claim is being made on social media that hospital beds are now available in AIIMS, Delhi as they have converted all the wards into COVID-19 wards.

“PIBFactCheck: This Message is #Fake. All wards have not been converted to #COVID wards in #AIIMS,” the PIB tweeted.

A message read, “hospital beds are now available in AIIMS, Delhi as all the wards have been converted into COVID-19 wards. Please inform the people who are in need. You need to visit covid care facility near AIIMS emergency.”

Amid a surge in COVID cases, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on Tuesday installed at least 150 additional beds for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.