Fact check: WhatsApp message on COVID-19 fund by govt is fake

at 3:35 pm
WhatsApp message on COVID-19 fund by govt is fake

New Delhi (NVI): A message is circulating on WhatsApp which claims that the government has ordered the payment of Rs 1,30,000 as COVID-19 fund to citizens above 18 years age.

The viral message also shared a link which tells users to click on it to verify their eligibility for this fund.

Debunking the claims, the Fact Check Unit of Press Information Bureau (PIB) took to Twitter and clarified that this claim is fake and the government has not made any such announcement.

The tweet read, “Claim: A message circulating on #WhatsApp claims that the Government has ordered payment of ₹130,000 as #Covid funding to all citizens above the age of 18.

#PIBFactCheck: The claim is #Fake. No such announcement has been made by the Government.”

Earlier, a similar fake message claiming that the government is providing Rs 10,000 to each family across the country under ‘PM Fund’ had gone viral.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in India, social media platforms are flooded with fake news and misinformation. The government has urged people not to fall a prey to such fake rumours.