Fact that people are asking about taking back Aksai Chin, PoK is a beginning: EAM

at 2:19 am
External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar (file pic)

New Delhi, May 4: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, asked if India will ever get back the territories of Aksai Chin and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, said that before the coming of the Modi government no one would have thought of asking such a question, but the very fact that such questions are being asked today is “a beginning”.

Answering a question on the issue posed by a media person in Bhubaneswar, the EAM said:

“Sometimes mistakes which previous leaders or governments make can have very far reaching consequences. Even after what happened in Aksai Chin, it took a Modi government to make border infrastructure a priority, because in Aksai Chin we didn’t even know they were building a road.

“That was the extent of our limitations. And in the case of PoK, going to the UN that itself was a big mistake;  and then actually agreeing to whatever was agreed to at the time in a ceasefire agreement.

“Sometimes these are very complicated, very difficult, inheritance, legacies of history that you get. There is no easy answer to it.


“But this much I can tell you, 10 years ago nobody in this country was talking about PoK. I mean, think back, the fact that you are asking me the question itself is a beginning; and everything starts with a beginning.”