Fake health ministry website claims to offer Covid-19 vaccine

at 2:04 pm
fake website

New Delhi (NVI): A fake website, impersonating as the official website of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (https://t.co/SIgT5rr7w1), is claiming to offer COVID-19 vaccine for Rs 4,000- Rs 6,000.

The website also shows the option to book an appointment for COVID-19 vaccination in India. This site looks similar to the original Health Ministry website.

Debunking such claims, the Fact Check Unit of the Press Information Bureau (PIB) clarified that the Health Ministry website with the ‘Appointment for COVID-19 vaccination’ slot is a fake.

In a tweet, PIB fact check wrote, “A website ‘https://t.co/SIgT5rr7w1’ is impersonating the official website of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and is claiming to offer COVID-19 Vaccine for ₹ 4000-6000

#PIBFactCheck: This is a FAKE website.”

Notably, the fake website has a similar layout, colours and contain all the similar content as that of the original website. It has an additional option saying ‘Appointment for vaccination’, which is not actually available.

The social media platforms are flooded with fake news and misinformation around coronavirus since the outbreak in India. Therefore, the government had recently urged people not to fall a prey to such fake rumours about COVID-19 vaccines.