Fashion Photography as a Career; Conversation with an Expert

at 2:47 pm
Fashion photographer
Dwijendra Kumar

New Delhi (NVI): The word fashion today holds a lot of dreams for the youth. It does not just mean a display of the latest in design but also an art form that uses a high degree of creativity, presentation, aesthetic sense and imagination.

And so, specialisation is the buzz word in the fashion world. Of late, fashion photography has emerged as a separate entity and developed into a full-time career involving creativity, fame and a handsome pay package.

To have a deeper insight into this emerging profession I had a conversation with renowned fashion photographer Vipin Gaur. He has worked with leading brands, fashion designers, models and advertising agencies. Excerpts:

Q1. What are the distinct features of fashion photography? How is it different from general photography?

Ans: Fashion photography is not a one-man job, it’s a team effort. Fashion photography is all about “creating an image”, while other genres are about capturing the moment. It is not about capturing celebrities in their moments, it’s about cultivating fashion with them. In fashion photography, a photographer should be technically strong, be creative and possess team-leading qualities. Further a fashion photographer must be aware of latest in fashion as also the fashion industry. ( To get details about Vipin Gaur as a fashion photographer, please log on to and on instagram @vipingaur)

Q2. Can Fashion Photography be take up as a full-time career?

Ans: Fashion photography offers tremendous opportunities, and it’s a full-time career, but just like any other profession it needs proper training or a formal education. People have often mistaken portrait photography (Modeling Portfolio) to be Fashion photography, while fashion photography is all about fashion, makeup, hair, garments, concept, lighting, mood and so many other things. In the last couple of years I have seen a sudden surge in e-commerce photography, but don’t get confused, this is not Fashion photography.

Q3. What are the attributes needed to succeed in the field?

Ans: To become a fashion photographer, one should have a creative mind and flair for fashion. I strongly suggest budding photographers should do a course in fashion, it can be designing or styling or anything where they would get good exposure to world of fashion trends.

Q4. Is it a self- learnt skill or one should have formal education in fashion photography?

Ans: You need a formal education to become a fashion photographer if you are seriously thinking of taking it up as a career. Though I learnt it myself, I spent a good 6-7 year’s time studying and experimenting. I still sometimes feel that it would have been much better If I would have had a proper education in Fashion and Photography.

Q5. Where to get training in fashion photography?

Ans: To become a fashion photographer, one has either to have proper education in Fashion Photography or undertaken an internship with an established fashion photographer. In India, I can suggest only one college from where you can get a proper degree in photography, and that is “Bhartiya Vidya Peeth” Pune. Other alternative available is to get a degree in any discipline from any reputed university and take proper training under the tutelage of a renowned fashion photographer. I also run my academy, where I train aspirants to become successful fashion photographers.