Fashion Photoshoots

at 6:33 am

Dwijendra Kumar

Pic Courtesy: Vikas Maurya

A good picture enhances the look of the product and the model. In fashion photography, taking a picture is a long process requiring both time and patience on part of fashion photographers and models.

Many a times, fashion photographers take pictures of fashion products to use them in advertisements and publicity campaigns . The process of taking photos is called photo shoots.

To gain maximum out of these photo shoots it is pertinent that fashion photographer has got adequate knowledge of lighting and angles through which h/she intends to take pictures.

For better results it is advised to use such Lighting Equipments which can throw ample light directly on the model or product.

Have the background in solid colours to enhance the look of the models. One may either get the wall painted or use screens/ curtains

Outdoor shoots generally don’t require artificial lights or backgrounds. Photo shoots can be held at a picturesque place which may include a hilly area covered with trees, near a river, at a desert, by a waterfall, etc. depending on the theme or the focal point of the shoot.

Poses do make or mar outcome of a fashion photoshoots which is lively in nature. Difference between a normal picture and that of taken of a model by a fashion photographer is that the latter looks strikingly beautiful and immediately catches our attention.

Take the pics of the model in various poses so as to add variety and then choose the best one.

In product fashion shoots which may include clicking images of shirts, pants, jewelry, bags, shoes etc, products gain predominant place in overall scheme of things.What is being presented before customer is the ultimate thing and people make impression based on the same only.

So background and other things such as props etc should not be highlighted.

Fashion photoshoots are generally held to promote sale of fashion and lifestyle products. Sometimes models hire fashion photographers to create a good portfolio for themselves.

Fashion publications and magazines too keep organising such photo shoots.

Before embarking on a photoshoot it is imperative to have a theme for the same and collect images and pics reflecting the same as reference materials. Havimg a theme would give the viewers clear idea as to the focal point of the ultimate product.

Preferably have a signed deal with the models before initiating shoots as you shall be using their pictures for commercial purposes and they may later on like to share the bounty.

It is pertinent that models are comfortable at the time of the shoots. Strike a good rapport before proceeding on the shoots.

Experiment with various poses, outfits and expressions so as to get maximum out of models and the shoots.