France to send eight oxygen generators as India battles COVID-19 crisis

at 6:39 pm

New Delhi (NVI): Expressing solidarity with India, French President Emmanuel Macron today said that France will send eight oxygen generators along with ventilators and essential medical equipment in India to help the country fight the second wave of Covid-19.

He said that each of these generators will enhance the capacities of the hospitals by allowing them to produce oxygen for 10 years from ambient air.

In his Facebook post, Macron said that France is aware of India’s situation and said that both countries will remain united in these times of crisis.

“No one is untouched by the pandemic which we are going through. We know that India is going through a difficult period. France and India have always been united. We remain united to provide our help. France will send medical equipment, ventilators and 8 oxygen generators to India. Each generator will make a hospital self-sufficient for 10 years by producing oxygen from ambient air,” Macron said in his post.

He also said that solidarity is one of the core principles of France and remains at the center of friendship between both the countries.

“Solidarity is at the center of our nation. This is also at the center of friendship between our countries. Together we will win,” he added.

He assured that French ministries are working with several industries to meet India’s needs.

The United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Australia will also send oxygen production plant and ventilators to help India’s hospitals which are facing a hue crisis due to surge in cases. China, Taiwan and Pakistan have also expressed solidarity with India in its fight against Covid-19.

India recorded 323,144 cases today which pushed the countries total tally to 17,636,307.

The death toll reached 197,894 as the nation recorded 2,771 daily new fatalities.