Hindu man accused of blasphemy after raising voice against temple desecration in Pak

New Delhi (NVI): A man from Hindu minority community in Pakistan’s Sindh province, who had an argument with members of another community over the desecration of a temple in Karachi, has now been accused of desecration.

In another act of violence and intolerance against the Hindu minority community, an ancient Hindu temple was vandalised in Karachi on Monday as Hindu Gods and relics mounted in the temple were desecrated and found to be in damaged condition.

According to The Rise News, a man who belongs to Meghwar community in Shahdadpur city of Sindh province has been accused of blasphemy.

A group of locals held protests against the minority Hindu community and demanded that three men should be arrested. As per the news website, one of them is arrested and an FIR has been registered.

This is just another instance of minorities in Sindh being targeted for their faith.

The attack temple comes just days after the two incidents of vandalism in October (October 10 and October 24) of Hindu temples in Pakistan’s Sindh province. One person was said to be arrested in connection with the October 10 incident.