Huge ruckus in RS over farm bills

New Delhi (NVI): The Upper House of Parliament today witnessed chaos and drama during the passing of farm bills as Opposition members were seen rushing to the Well of the House, attempting to tear up the rule book and the microphone of the Deputy Chairman.

A voice vote was held after a short adjournment. The Opposition also moved a no-confidence motion against the Deputy Chairman.

Unruly scenes which also went viral on social media showed TMC MP Derek O’Brien attempting to tear rule book near the chair. Members of Opposition parties also snatched and threw papers from the table and even broke the chairman’s mic.

Defence Minister Rajntah Singh held a press conference later in the evening with five other Union Minister, where he termed the behaviour of the opposition MPs in the Rajya Sabha as “saddening, unfortunnate and shameful.”

Singh said he is himself a farmer and is hurt by the way opposition members flouted the Parliament decorum by tearing off rule book and breaking microphones.

The Bills, which seek to replace the two ordinances promulgated on June 5 this year and which were already cleared in by the Lok Sabha, were passed by voice vote in the Upper House.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said passing of the bills was a “watershed moment in history of Indian agriculture”.