India on top with maximum COVID-19 recoveries, lowest fatality rate

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New Delhi (NVI): India continues to maintain the top global position with the maximum number of COVID-19 recoveries, pushing the total recoveries to 54,27,706 in the country, the Union Health Ministry said.

The country accounts for 21 per cent of the recovered cases worldwide, while its share in the total coronavirus cases stands at 18.6 per cent.

“India has also maintained its global position with one of the lowest case fatality rates (CFR) when compared to several other countries,” the Ministry of Health said.

While the global CFR stands at 2.97 per cent as on date, the comparative figure for India is 1.56 per cent, it added.

Moreover, the deaths per million population in India is one of the lowest in the world. While the global average is 130 deaths per million population, India is reporting 73 deaths per million population, the ministry said.

“India’s steady trend of posting high number of daily recoveries continues with 75,628 recoveries registered in the last 24 hours, taking the total recoveries to 54,27,706 in the country,” it added.

The higher number of single day recoveries is also reflected in the continuous increase in the national recovery rate, which at present stands at 83.84 per cent.

It said 74.36 per cent of the recovered cases in the past 24 hours are from 10 States/UTs. Maharashtra has contributed the highest number to these followed by Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

There are 9,44,996 active cases of coronavirus in the country, which contribute only 14.60 per cent to the total positive caseload, the ministry noted.

“For the 12th successive day, India has sustained its steady trend of maintaining the active cases below the 10-lakh mark,” it said, adding that, nearly 77 per cent of the active cases are in 10 states and UTs.

Furthermore, 79,476 confirmed cases have been reported in the last 24 hours in the country, while 78.2 per cent of the new cases are concentrated in ten States/UT. Out of these, Maharashtra contributed close to 16,000 to the new cases, lower than the day before. Kerala surged to second place with 9,258 new cases while Karnataka reported more than 8000 daily new cases, the ministry said.

Also, 1,069 deaths have been registered in the past 24 hours with 10 States and UTs account for 84.1 per cent of fatalities in the past 24 hours.

However, the ministry stated, 39.66 per cent of deaths reported yesterday are from Maharashtra with 424 deaths followed by Karnataka with 125 deaths.