India, US armies to participate in joint exercise ‘Yudh Abhyas 20’ in Rajasthan

at 4:54 pm
India, US Armies

New Delhi (NVI): Soldiers from the Indian Army and the United States Army will participate in joint military exercise ‘Yudh Abhyas 20’ from February 8 to 21 at Mahajan Field Firing Range (MFFR) in Rajasthan.

This exercise involves approximately 250 US Army and 250 Indian Army soldiers, the US Embassy in India said in a statement.

The annual training exercise will enhance combined interoperability capabilities through training and cultural exchange, which foster enduring partnerships in the Indo-Pacific region though common defense objectives.

‘Yudh Abhyas 20’ provides excellent opportunities for professional and cultural exchanges that strengthen our partnership through shared learning and training, the statement read.

It added that, training commences with expert academic exchanges and professional development workshops that focus on training at the corps-level and below; combat against conventional, unconventional and hybrid threats; humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

Furthermore, the command post exercise (CPX) will focus on UN peacekeeping operation staff tasks in a combined military setting, the US Embassy said.

A field training exercise (FTX) will involve company-strength elements from each nation exercising combined, fundamental war-fighting skills to enhance combined operational capacity. Both will run concurrently, it added.