Greece sending medical supplies to India

at 1:13 pm

New Delhi (NVI) Joining several other countries, Greece is sending the urgently-required medical supplies to India, including oxygen cylinders whose shortage has been felt badly in this country.

Greece is sending the supplies on request from the Indian authorities, Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias was quoted by Greeky City Times as saying.

“Through the European Civil Protection Mechanism, Greece is ‘ready to send 90 oxygen cylinders with a total capacity of 440 liters, as well as medical supplies (masks, gloves and other means of self-protection)’,” it said.

Hardalias hoped that Greece’s contribution will offer relief to the “tested India.”

“In this battle that the world community is fighting against the pandemic, our country is present wherever and whenever it is needed,” he said.

India is facing a huge health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, leading to acute shortage of medical supplies, particularly oxygen.

The country today reported over 4 lakh new single-day cases and the situation continues to worsen with the death toll mounting.