Indian Coast Guard rescues 15 fishermen near West Bengal coast

New Delhi (NVI): The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) successfully rescued 15 fishermen last night who were stranded in rough sea conditions with their boat in Kakdwip near West Bengal after the vessel lost its propellers.

Indian Coast Guard ship Vijaya, which was on operational duty, received a distress call from Krishna Kanaiya, the stranded fishing boat. ICG Vijaya immediately rushed to the rescue of the stranded vessel, considering the rough weather.

“#IndianCoastGuard ship Vijaya rescued Indian fishing boat on night of 11 jul with 15 fishermen on board & stranded in rough sea due loss of propellers. ICG ship on receiving distress call swung into action n rescued in tiring conditions. #HarKaamDeshKeNaam,” the PRO Defence Kolkata said in a tweet.

The operation was conducted swiftly under the command of DIG Vijay Singh on locating the distressed fishing boat. According to the boat owners, the vessel had lost its propellers in the rough sea conditions and had drifted about 15 nautical miles due to strong winds.

In a successful and well-planned operation, Coast Guard Ship Vijaya towed the fishing boat to a safe location near the coast of West Bengal.