India deploys Dhruv helicopter in Mauritius to tackle oil spill

New Delhi (NVI): As the world celebrates World Helicopter Day, Indian-made Dhruv advanced light helicopter has been deployed in Mauritius to tackle oil spill near the country’s south-east coast, and deal with the environmental crisis the incident has posed.

The chopper has been deployed to extricate skimmed oil from a merchant vessel to a tug.

Mauritius has requested assistance from India to deal with the oil spill on its south-east coast after a Japanese ship ran aground on a coral reef.

Yesterday, India dispatched over 30 tonnes of technical equipment and materials on board an IAF Aircraft to Mauritius.

Apart from that, a 10-member Technical Response Team, consisting of Indian Coast Guards (ICG), personnel trained for dealing with oil spill containment measures, have also been deployed to Mauritius to extend necessary technical and operational assistance at the site.

Furthermore, the Indian assistance follows recent support provided by India to Mauritius in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government of Mauritius declared a state of environmental emergency late Friday as coastal areas including an island nature reserve face an ecological disaster.