Inhabitants of remote J&K village display extraordinary bravery; nab 2 armed terrorists

at 8:34 pm
2 terrorists of Pakistan-based Laskhar-e-Taiba nabbed by villagers in Reasi, J&K.

Reasi (Jammu and Kashmir): Tuksan village in the mountainous part of Reasi district in Jammu and Kashmir is such a remote place that it takes hours of trekking to reach there from the nearest Tehsil headquarter Gool-Gulabgarh which is 25 kms away.

However, inhabitants of this otherwise peaceful far-off village are extremely daring and some of them displayed the raw and extraordinary bravery by catching 2 armed terrorists of dreaded Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), an outfit based in Pakistan.

The terrorists – Talib Hussain and Faizal Ahmed Dar — were in possession of 2 AK rifles, a pistol and 7 hand grenades but that did not deter the small group of 6 people, including Muslims, from taking them on, bare-handed and without any arms.

There was a scuffle and the terrorists were overpowered and tied with ropes, till the police arrived one hour later after being called.

The place is about 95 kms from the district headquarter Reasi.

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The incident unravelled like this.

Two armed terrorists barged into a small house (called ‘Dhok’) of a villager on the evening of last Saturday (June 2) and told him that they would be staying there. The house-owner was terrified but remained in control of his senses.

After some time, he told the terrorists that he needed to answer the call of nature and went out of the house.

He called his brother, saying that his life is in danger as armed men have entered and he should be saved.

The brother informed some cousins and others, who collectively decided to undertake the rescue mission, undeterred by the threat to their lives.

They reached the house at night, amidst the rains.

They decided to wait till the daybreak yesterday before taking any action.

As the day broke, they peeped inside and found that the terrorists were sleeping. A bag was lying beside them.

One of the six stealthily entered the house and pulled the bag out.

There was a little noise, because of which one of the terrorists woke up and immediately leapt towards the door.

He was tackled bodily and grounded.

Similarly, the other terrorist was also overpowered.

A rope, tied to a bull, was immediately obtained and the two terrorists were tied.

Soon after, a call was made to the police station, informing about the incident.

It took the police about an hour to reach the place from the nearest Police Station and till then, the 6 daring men kept the terrorists in their custody.

The police team was followed by the men from the Army, since it involved terrorists.

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Following questioning of the terrorists, the police today recovered more arms and ammunition from a hideout of the terrorists in Rajouri district.

This cache includes 6 sticky bombs, 3 pistols with ammunition, one Under Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL) with 3 UBGL grenades, 75 rounds of AK rifle and one IED remote, the police said.

The brave villagers have earned praise from Jammu and Kashmir Lt Governor Manoj Sinha, who sanctioned a reward of Rs 5 lakh to them. The DGP has also announced a reward of Rs 2 lakh.

The Lt Governor said that with this kind of determination shown by the villagers, the end of terrorism is not far.

Talib Hussain, who hails from Rajouri district, was proclaiming to be a member of the BJP and projecting himself as a journalist associated with a news portal based in Jammu and Kashmir.