Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement to march for freedom of Sindhudesh

at 11:33 am

New Delhi (NVI): The Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) will take out a march in Karachi and Hyderabad for the independence of Sindhudesh today. Thousands of political activists, a large majority of women and children will attend the freedom march.

The party’s chief organizer Zafar Sahito, deputy chief organizer Sohail Sindhi, central organizers Muhammad Ali Noonari, Hussein Sindhi have organized and will lead the event live from the party’s Facebook page.

On this day, JSFM will record this protest, to make the text of the 1940 resolution clear in which it was stated that national, independent states and governments consisting of Muslim-majority areas within United India should be established.

Under this condition, GM Syed passed the resolution from the Sindh Assembly. But in 1946, the spirit of the agreement signed between the nations – the resolution of the 23rd March, 1940 – which compromised with the nations for constituting their own states was changed.

JSFM central organizer, Muhammed Ali Noonari said that the 40th resolution included the establishment of several national states instead of the concept of a Muslim state, in which it was changed to the state instead of states.

In the resolution, there was another important point that every state involved in the Confederation of Muslim States should have the authority to decide after every 10 years whether it wants to remain in the Confederation of these States or demand a free State status.

But after the division of India and freedom of the new country, Punjabi establishment and Muslim migrants from India dominated other nations in Pakistan.

Due to the planned riots in India, many Muslims from India migrated to Sindh, and in return Sindhi Hindus, who were business class and main stakeholders in the bureaucracy of Sindh left, which changed the whole political, social, and demography of Sindh.

Although the resolution was proposed from time to time, including the resolution of 1940, there was never a written agreement for migration of any population from one place to another, but nevertheless, a conspiracy group with a specific mindset made the whole scenario horrific.

Hussein Sindhi, the central organizer of the JSFM, said that Pakistani Punjabi fascist army has occupied a new town on the coastal islands of Sindh and is developing Mega Cities Bahria Town, Zulfiqar Abad, DHA in Karachi for complete control of the resources of Sindh and enslave the Sindhi people and convert them in a minority on their own soil.

Dangerous plans have been made against Sindhis, like universities and educational institutions are being occupied by the Rangers who are making the socio-political and economic situation in Sindh worse.

Deputy Chief Organizer of JSFM Sohail Sindhi said that because of Bengal’s inclusion in the country, the smaller nations hoped to establish a system based on equality and would promote human development in their own territories, but the hope of the smaller nations was broken down with the creation of Bangladesh in 1971.

“After that, this country was directly occupied by the Punjabi elite. Therefore, GM Syed Azad presented the theory of Sindhudesh for the permanent survival of Sindh. GM Syed spent all his life in the pursuit of freedom, even after his death, the mission of Sindhudesh was carried by Abdul Wahid Arisar and Shaheed Bashir Khan Qureshi and other martyrs of Sindh,” Sohail Sindhi added.

He said that we condemn the increasing forced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, forced conversion of Sindhi Hindu girls, and the brutal state murder of journalist Ajay Kumar Lalwani.

We urge the international human rights organizations and the United Nations to protect the human rights in Sindh, he added.

Furthermore, Zafar Sahito, JSFM chief organizer, said that Pakistan has no historical existence but Sindh is a historical homeland of the Sindhi people for thousands of years. By implementing GM Syed’s ideology of independent Sindh, we are continuing the struggle for freedom of Sindhudesh.

In the presence of Pakistan, the religious extremism within Sindh is supported by Punjabi establishment to damage the secular status of Sindh. Underage Sindhi Hindu girls are forcibly being converted into Islam. Not only that, linguistic politics, sectarian riots, tribal conflicts and settlement of non-Sindhis, is the conspiracy by this theocratic state of Pakistan.

He further said that after the partition of India, the Indian Muslims migrated to Sindh, Sindhi people welcomed them with an open-heart and considered them as part of Sindh, now Urdu-speaking citizens of Sindh should also accept Sindh as their homeland.

Therefore, it is their duty to be part of the Sindhi nation and take part in the struggle for independence of Sindh and not to engage in any conspiracy which will undermine the Nation’s historical national unity. Because the future of Urdu speakers is not with this state of Pakistan but with Sindhis.

He further said that JSFM rejects China’s influence and CPEC plans in our region. China’s plans in Sindh and Balochistan are actually planning to bring Chinese troops into the region so that it can occupy the Indian Ocean, especially Karachi, and to enter the Indus/Indian Ocean permanently to control this global trade route.

We are not only struggling against such foreign expansion and foreign occupation, but we also support Kurdistan’s independence struggle, including the national movements of our neighboring Baloch and Pashtuns. JSFM not only proposes the unity of the oppressed nations at the international level but also continues to make every effort to advance in it. We appeal to India, Israel, European Union, Japan, and Australia to help and support the freedom of Sindhudesh.