Jharkhand: IAS officer sets example, delivers baby at Govt hospital

New Delhi (NVI): A woman IAS officer has set an example of sorts in Jharkhand.

Kiran Pasi, posted as Deputy Commissioner in far-off Godda, chose not to opt for any private hospital in some city when she was to give birth to a child but got admitted in a government hospital in her district.

Godda, located in northeastern part of Jharkhand, is about 325 kms from Ranchi and is mostly inhabited by a tribe called Santhals.

She underwent a C-section delivery at 9.50 am at Sadar hospital in Godda on Sunday to deliver her second baby, a boy. Her delivery did not take place in emergency conditions but it was her conscious move to get it done in the government hospital to showcase how safe it is there.

Her action is now being celebrated by doctors at the hospital as well as state administration.

Even Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren took note of it and tweeted: “Your efforts to show that health facilities in the state are capable is praiseworthy”.

The woman IAS officer’s decision is also being praised by many on social media.