J&K: Army patrol rescues British national on ski trip in Gulmarg

at 7:38 pm
British national

Neyaz Elahi

Srinagar (NVI): A British national and a ski enthusiast, Lachlan Stewart, was rescued by an Army patrol party of Gulmarg Battalion and was taken to their nearest Company Operating Base.

Stewart was on a skiing trip to Gulmarg when he lost his track at Afarwat/Gondola Phase 2 on Jan 31, 21.

Army stated that after struggling for two hours in heavy snow, he reached the other side of Afarwat towards dense jungle at around 5 pm. Having landed up in a ‘no telephone signal’ zone, the individual was unable to contact his hotel staff or anyone else.

He was spotted by an Army Patrol party of Gulmarg Battalion and was rescued to their nearest Company Operating Base. It was a great relief for the individual as he was drenching wet after negotiating nalas and snow in wilderness.

The individual was treated with great hospitality as per the ethos of the Army, and was given a new pair of shoes, socks and warm refreshments.

Later in the evening, Lachlan Stewart was dropped by the Army to his hotel in Gulmarg.

The individual thanked the Army for this life saving effort.