J&K Govt orders reopening of schools in Feb

at 10:45 pm
Manoj Sinha

Jammu (NVI): The Jammu and Kashmir government today ordered reopening of schools in the Union territory in February in a staggered manner while issuing directions in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic.

As per the official order, summer zone areas of Jammu Division may open schools for Class 9 to 12 with effect from February 1, 2021.

In case of elementary classes, teachers shall attend the schools with effect from February 1 for preparation and students shall physically attend classes from February 8.

Apart from that, Kashmir division and winter zone  areas of Jammu division will open as per their schedule, read the order.

The J&K administration also issued SOPs for reopening of schools for students and teachers. All teachers and students will need to wear masks.

“The students can sit almost 2 meters apart from each other. In case of non-availability of such space, staggered schedule/shift timings and student rotation can be an option,” as per the SOPs issued.

In addition to this, the SOPs stated that hand washing points with proper soap should be made available for students and teachers. “Everybody should wash hands frequently maintaining proper physical distance. Safe water, cleaning supplies and, wherever possible, establish or expand sex-segregated toilets or latrines. In case of absence of washing stations, hand sanitisers of standard prescribed by Government be used as hand rub (for staff and older children who can safely use hand sanitiser),” read the order.

The letter further stated that touching of surfaces by the students and teachers in and around the area of the school should be prohibited.

“Disinfecting, sanitizing and cleaning the learning spaces and surfaces in convergence with the concerned department and local volunteers should be a daily affair,” the government said in the order.

“Personal hygiene and hygiene of surroundings should be ensured,” it added.

In addition to this, while coming and leaving school, students and teachers should maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from each other and no student or teacher should breach this distance rule either during the schooling or while coming or leaving the school and in all cases, gathering or grouping should be avoided and everybody should come and leave school individually, the J&K government said.