US: Joe Biden receives his first dose of Covid-19 vaccine

at 10:30 am
Joe Biden receives first dose of Covid-19 vaccine on live television

New Delhi (NVI): US President-elect Joe Biden has received his first dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine live on television, saying he was getting the jab to show Americans it is safe to take.

Biden joins a growing number of political leaders getting the jab, including Vice-President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Tabe Masa, Nurse Practitioner and Head of Employee Health Services at Christiana Care Hospital, administered the vaccine. Dr Jill Biden, having already received the first course of the vaccine earlier in the day, was also present on the occasion.

“Today, I received the COVID-19 vaccine. To the scientists and researchers who worked tirelessly to make this possible – thank you. We owe you an awful lot,” Joe Biden said in a tweet.

“And to the American people – know there is nothing to worry about. When the vaccine is available, I urge you to take it,” he said.

Meanwhile, more than 500,000 Americans are said to have now been vaccinated.

So far, the US has recorded more than 18 million cases and 3,19,000 deaths.