Johns Hopkins Univ to host workshop on Delhi air pollution

Pradeep Multani, Vice President, PHD Chamber, along with Hugh Sullivian, Director International Programs, Johns Hopkins University

New Delhi (NVI): In a noble initiative, Johns Hopkins University will host a workshop in Jaipur, where faculties from different areas will brainstorm over the problem of air pollution in Delhi.

The University’s ‘Alliance for a Healthier World’, a signature initiative will be hosting the workshop in the pink city in collaboration with International Institute for Health Management Research.

This comes even as the Delhi-NCR region continues to breathe poor quality air due to smog and various factors adding to the pollution. The air pollution in Delhi or even any part of the world has been a major health concern as it affects small children and elderly people most.

Benjamin Link, Executive Manager at Johns Hopkins Alliance for a Healthier World talked about the plan at an interactive session held in New Delhi, which was attended by leading universities including JNU, IIFT and Shriram Institute for Industrial Research.

Also speaking on the occasion, Hugh Sullivan, Director International Programs, Johns Hopkins University said that the said University has also set up a foundation in India, in association with a private company, to facilitate research work in public health care sphere.

He also said that the university sees an increased engagement with India and Indian institutions in future to find solutions on health care issues.

“Cross-disciplinary initiatives and collaborations are the need of the hour as resources needed for such research useful for the humanity are so vast,” Sullivan said while inviting the Indian research and academic bodies and business entities to team up with the University for collaborations.

The Alliance for a Healthier World is a Johns Hopkins University signature initiative that integrates university-wide expertise and diverse perspectives to unlock groundbreaking knowledge in addressing unresolved global health challenges.