JSFM strongly condemns extrajudicial murder of young Sindhi political worker

at 10:17 am
Irfan Jatoi

New Delhi (NVI): Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) strongly condemns the extrajudicial killing of Sindh university student, Irfan Jatoi, who was abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies on February 10, 2021.

He was abducted from the international hostel of Sindh University, Jamshoro, with his 2 friends in front of many students and staff.

Jatoi had disappeared for many weeks with his missing reports being published in newspapers. A lot of protests were organized by various political parties and human rights organizations for his safe release and a social media campaign on Twitter was launched to save his life.

Yesterday, in a fake encounter by Sindh police, he was shot and brutally killed. Pakistani brutality on peace-loving Sindhi people is not coming to an end.

Till now, we have received 55 Sindhi political workers and national leaders’ bodies who were extra-judicially killed, tortured, burned alive, and were found from time by time since the last 2 decades.

JSFM founder and chief organizer Zafar Sahito said “Pakistani atrocities and brutalities against historical secular Sindhi nation cannot suppress our voice of national freedom. Self-determination is our natural birthright.”

He further said, “Pakistani law enforcement agencies are killing us, they are creating fear so that we withdraw from our political struggle for our motherland ‘Sindhudesh’ but they must remember and learn a lesson from history.”

“In 1971, Bangladesh kicked theocratic Pakistan and got their national freedom. Pakistan must stop the political suppression and genocide of the Sindhi nation and peacefully accept our demand for national freedom. West Pakistan/ Punjab and Pakistani armed forces massacred millions of Bangladeshi innocent people back but now we are living in the 21st century, Pakistan must understand that.”

Sahito stated that from facts, figures, and evidence it is crystal clear that Pakistani intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies ISI, MI, Rangers, and Sindh Police are behind the killing of Irfan Jatoi, a young student of the sociology department of Sindh University, Jamshoro.

He added, “So the lives of young Sindhi political workers are so cheap that they can be abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies any time and their tortured dead bodies are thrown in streets? Like trash! How many more sons of soil will be killed like this? Enough is enough, Pakistan is pushing peace-loving Sindhi people to take up arms.”

The chief organizer also said that Irfan Jatoi has been extra-judicially killed by Pakistani intelligence agencies and we do not believe in Pakistan government neither in its judicial system.

So we demand from the international court of justice for an immediate and transparent investigation into the murder, so the punishment to the perpetrators involved in these brutalities be served and life of thousands of people, who were forcefully disappeared, can be saved.

He also requested all international human rights organizations and individuals for raising their voices against Pakistan’s atrocities to historical nations enchained in the slavery of fundamentalist Pakistan.