Land bought by Rajasthan couple is a paradise for tigers, deers now!

New Delhi (NVI): This Rajasthan couple has a unique penchant for wildlife as a private land they bought 20 years ago is a paradise for tigers, deers and wild boars now.

Aditya and Poonam Singh bought a small plot of land in Rajasthan around two decades ago. They put up a fence and forgot about it. Slowly, life thrived and a forest grew back. Two waterholes have also developed naturally in the forest area and the forest diverts tigers from nearby farms.

A video of the small wildlife paradise was shared by World Economic Forum on Twitter which was then later retweeted by a Norwegian diplomat, Erik Solheim.

Over the years, the couple has bought more and more land. It is now a lush green patch of 40 acres. The couple has also got lucrative proposals to use the land in other ways but they have turned down all of them.

Awestruck by the marvelous feat by the couple, people across India are now asking how they can reforest land too, according to WEF.

Quoting India’s State of Forest Report, the video also claims that over the last 30 years, India has gained the size of Ireland. It wants to cover 33 per cent of the entire country in trees, up from 25 per cent at present, as per the video.